First impressions often start with your smile. 

Whether you gearing up for a wedding, career advancement, a new relationship, or simply want to boost your own self-confidence -- make sure the impressions you make are long-lasting and positive. Make sure your smile reflects the real you!

As we all age, our teeth become yellow and stained. Some of us have had to contend with "intrinsic" stains that we have had to live with all of our lives... sometimes hiding our smiles in embarrassment. Hide no longer... Dr. Claustro looks forward to discussing your concerns and helping you choose a whitening or esthetic procedure that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget! 


Whitening: Fast, Simple, Non-Invasive Results

Dr. Claustro offers several options to help you whiten and brighten your smile. Depending on the amount of staining present and your personal expectations, Dr. Claustro will help you determine if you will be best served by custom "bleaching trays," in-office whitening procedures, or more advanced options like the Kor Deep Whitening System. 

Just as not every person is the same... not all stains are the same. We are here to help you get the best results possible so that you can smile with confidence!


Kor Deep Whitening

This innovative whitening system combines custom take-home trays with rapid in-office whitening. Kor Deep Whitening developers have formulated a system that minimizes sensitivity, maximizes results, and allows patients to continue to enjoy their coffee and red wine! 

Real results with the Kor Deep Whitening System!

Real results with the Kor Deep Whitening System!

Visit the Kor Whitening website to view educational videos on this exciting whitening technology!

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