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Invisalgin & kor whitening, patient since 2013


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Eden and her family have been patients of the practice for years and it has been so wonderful to watch her grow from a hopeful teenager to a confident, strong-minded young college student and model.

On her last visit home (during which she made it a priority to see her favorite dental team!), we were able to catch up and discuss how her smile has helped her feel more confident as she left home for the first time.  This is what she had to share...


What made you decide to choose Invisalign and Kor Whitening?
Growing up, I've always wanted to have a nice straight smile. My smile wasn't terrible, but I had teeth that stuck out in different directions. It made me self-conscious. As I entered High School, I felt like my smile made me look like a kid. And I wanted to be taken more seriously. I was active in cheer and all I could see were my crooked teeth! 

Dr. Claustro made me feel comfortable enough as a teenager to talk about my concerns and she told me about how quick and easy Invisalign would be. I liked [Invisalign] because the aligners were barely noticeable and I could still talk with them in. When I was done with the Invisalign (just in time for prom!), I used the Kor home whitening gel and I felt fabulous.

Has your "new smile" changed things for you?
Totally! I am so so happy with my smile! And I'm thankful for Dr. Claustro. 

Now that I'm at VCU, I feel confident and ready to take on the world. My smile isn't a kid's smile anymore… It's mature, you know? 

Are you still active with cheer in college? What's next for you?
I didn't commit to cheer during my freshman year because I wanted to focus on my classes and try new things. I'm trying to decide what is best for me and my future. 

I've always been into beauty and makeup. I think everyone should feel pretty! I've started doing makeup for events and theater… kind of  a small business venture. I have an Instagram feed for my work and I'm looking for more opportunities to do what I enjoy. I've also gotten into modeling, which has been a lot of fun!

I feel like, I am confident… how can I help others feel that way too?


We are so proud of Eden and her accomplishments! She remains a well-rounded and grounded young woman. We are thankful to have played a part in her transformation!


Before: Cute & Bubbly

Before: Cute & Bubbly

After: Beautiful & Mature

After: Beautiful & Mature

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  • Invisalign: 6 Months
  • Kor Take Home Whitening
  • 6 Month Hygiene Visits

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  • College Student
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Model
  • Makeup Artist