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Meet Gary Kidwell: Veteran, Husband, Dad, and Grandfather

Gary hasn’t had an easy life — disabled at an early age and constantly coming in and out of surgeries — but he has surrounded himself by a loving family that works hard to lift each other up. Despite the challenges that he has faced, Gary walked into my practice as a wave of optimism and humor. He had been to several other offices in need of a full-mouth reconstruction, but felt that he was being “sold” on treatments that didn’t seem to fit his lifestyle, goals, or budget; and that the other providers simply didn’t make him feel comfortable under their care.

A straight shooter, Gary didn’t beat around the bush — his teeth were a mess and he lives on a budget. He was tired of avoiding foods like steak and corn, and his wife was tired of avoiding social situations because of her husband’s failing dental health. As it turns out, Gary was self-conscious about his smile and how he looked when trying to eat foods, so he would limit how often he left the house. His deteriorating smile was negatively impacting his health and his marriage. He was ready to make a change.

A detailed dental exam confirmed his assessment of his mouth. His teeth, were in fact, a mess. His upper teeth were not restorable, but thankfully, many of his remaining lower teeth were strong enough to be saved. I discussed implants and implant-supported dentures, but Gary preferred to go with a combination of a Traditional Complete Denture to restore his upper arch, and Porcelain Crowns and a Partial Denture to restore his lower to provide stable and predictable function. We discussed the benefits and limitations of this treatment plan, and Gary felt confident and comfortable with this decision.

Just as with any Smile Design, I carefully analyzed Gary’s joints, muscles, and bite before designing his dental prosthetics and crowns. We chose color and shapes of teeth that best fit his face and the outcome was perfect! He was prepared for the transition from natural teeth to a denture and was amazed by how good he looked. At his 1-week follow up, Gary couldn’t stop talking about how many compliments he had gotten from his buddies (he was leaving the house again to meet with friends!) and he was even able to eat corn off the cobb for the first time in years!

This is what dentistry is all about — giving people their lives back.