Real Patient. Real Story. Real Smile.

Meet Phil Fust, Owner of Loudoun Brewing Company

Phil’s grill — as his family and brewery friends refer to his smile — had been messed up since a childhood accident (he swears it wasn’t a bar fight!) left him with chipped teeth and thankfully nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. Over the decades, his teeth had become increasingly worn and shifted under the pressures of day to day grinding. And he admits that taking care of his smile wasn’t much of a priority as he entered adulthood and later started to build his business as a brewer of delicious craft beer.

Fast forward to 2018 — Phil’s fiancee (and now wife) gently encouraged him to do something about his worn smile. She knew that his smile didn’t reflect the person she knows him to be, and it certainly wasn’t serving him as an entrepreneur with increasing visibility in the community.

A naturally confident guy, Phil never let on that his smile