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Real patient. real story. real smile

Meet Sara Hiel, Engineer

Sara never liked how her smiles looked in pictures. As a result, she would avoid smiling or spend time worrying about how to best position herself in photos to hide her crooked teeth. She admitted during our fist visit that it was tiring masking her smile, especially since she’s a happy person. She came to my practice on a referral from a co-worker and was very open about her displeasure with her smile. She was ready to make a change — especially since she was anticipating an engagement and knew that professional photos were in her future.

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Photo Ready!

Worn, short, and unevenly shaped teeth did not reflect the smart and glamorous woman that Sara is. Invisalign and Porcelain Veneers transformed her smile and her confidence!

Sara came in expecting Invisalign alone to deliver a beautiful smile. During our initial Cosmetic Consultation, I evaluated the positioning of her teeth (they were crooked) and also measured their size and shape in relationship to Sara’s entire face and natural smile. I helped her see that, although Invisalign would certainly straighten her teeth (she hated how her lateral incisors sat behind her centrals), her smile would still appear aged and uneven due to the unevenly worn edges. We discussed what HER goals were and she didn’t hesitate to admit that she wanted to look and feel gorgeous. And I delivered.

Invisalign was completed in a few short months and I worked closely with my local dental lab to design teeth that were feminine and natural. The Diagnostic Wax Up is an integral part of any Smile Design process — it allows me to control esthetics and ensure that the teeth continue to work together in harmony. Once Sara’s veneers were designed outside her mouth, I prepared her teeth (3 weeks after having my baby!) and her final Porcelain Veneers were delivered in time for her engagement photos. Seeing her beaming with joy on delivery day made it worth coming in during my maternity leave to help her achieve her dream of smiling freely in photos — I love what I do!

It’s been a few years since Sara’s Smile Makeover and her smile continues to glow. Her wedding was amazing and her confidence has helped her in all aspects of her professional and personal life. We love seeing her at her Dental Hygiene visits and cannot wait to see what life has in store for this young professional!