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Sarah first came to our practice after being referred by one of her friends who (along with his wife) has been a long-time patient of ours. She sat down with Dr. Claustro and immediately admitted that she has been unhappy with her smile.

During her initial visit, Dr. Claustro reviewed Sarah's concerns and the condition of her smile at the time. Dr. Claustro wanted to make sure that Sarah ended up with a stable, healthy, and natural looking smile. In the end, everyone was beyond pleased and Sarah had the picture-perfect smile (and hunky fiance) she had been hoping for!

Here is her story...


What prompted you to invest in a smile redesign with Dr. Claustro?
Everyone has that one thing about their appearance that they don't like... for me, it was my smile. Taking pictures was always an ordeal. I always had to be in a certain position and angle to make sure no one could see my crooked tooth. Even when I was in the right position my smile wouldn't look right and I was very self-conscious of how it made me look.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to fix [my smile].

My boyfriend and I were getting serious and I knew wedding pictures would be in my future. The last thing I wanted was to worry about was how my smile looked in pictures. 

How did you choose to work with Dr. Claustro?
I was referred to Dr. Claustro by a co-worker and, man, am I glad he connected me with her! 

How was your experience with Dr. Claustro?
[Dr. Claustro] went above and beyond to make my smile perfect! The process of Invisalgn and veneers is a long one, but her positive and bubbly personality always had me looking forward to going to the dentist! 

She is extremely personable and was truly invested in me as her patient. She did everything she could (including coming into the office during her maternity leave) to make sure my smile was photo ready in time for my engagement photo session. 

Sarah got the smile (and fiance) she wanted in time for her engagement photos!

Sarah got the smile (and fiance) she wanted in time for her engagement photos!

How do you feel about your smile now?
Thanks to Dr. Claustro and her amazing staff, I know my smile is perfect! I am so happy with my smile and truly feel more confident taking pictures! 


It has been an honor to work with Sarah to give her the smile of her dreams! We are excited for her upcoming wedding and look forward to seeing more of her photos as she walks confidently down the aisle. 


If you are ready to redesign your smile and change your life forever, give us a call at 703.406.8600 to set up a free consultation with Dr. Claustro at her Sterling, Virginia practice. 


Before: Worn & Uneven, Self-Conscious After: Mature & Radiant, Confident

Before: Worn & Uneven, Self-Conscious
After: Mature & Radiant, Confident

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  • Smile Redesign by Dr. Claustro
  • Invisalign: 8 Months
  • Kor In-Office Whitening
  • Esthetic Porcelain Veneers

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  • Engineer/Sr. Technologist
  • Virginia Tech Alumn
  • Bride-To-Be!