Joanna and her staff are the best, although I’m a fairly new patient they treat me as though I’ve been there forever.
Very friendly and make you feel right at home.
— Gary McVey

Happy Patients


Dr. Claustro is the best dentist hands down! She gave me back my smile and I will be forever grateful to her! She and her team rock! They are also a ton of fun! You can tell how much they all love what they do and enjoy working with each other.

— Sherry Levavasseur


I love all of the wonderful folks who make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable! Dr. Claustro’s practice is dope!

— Jared Cobbs


Dr. Claustro and her team are great! Their personalized care is excellent and they always greet you with a smile! I can't recommend them enough! Also a special shout-out to Michelle for being patient during my visits and cleaning up the mess that I call my teeth and gums!

— Paul Escalera


Dr. Claustro has created a practice that is welcoming and warm. She tells you the treatments you need, nothing more. And she lets you know what you are doing well with your gum health. Dr. Claustro and her team truly care about their patients, and are willing to help the most "scared" patients start on the path to good gum health! I can't recommend her practice enough.

— Wynona Heck


Dr. Claustro's office is cheerful, and they remember everything about you and your case. The hygienists are competent and know what they are doing. Dr. Claustro offers proactive care and if you need a referral, you get really good ones with other respectable dentists and surgeons. Bottom line, you are more than just a bunch of teeth here - you are a real person! Love them!

— Cathy Oasheim

Dr. Claustro and her team have always treated me with empathy, professionalism and courtesy. She has been my dentist for over 5 years and she treats me like family! She genuinely cares for your dental health and your overall health. I am very picky when it comes to health professionals. It’s great to know I have a dentist for life now!

— jeffrey baggett

Just switched dentists due to work location and recommendation from a friend. I was extremely pleased with the level of care. They are extremely thorough from the initial phone call when making my appointment, amazing teeth cleaning (all plaque removed and pain free) and detailed explanation of future care needed and cost that will be incurred after insurance is processed. Experts in the field of dentistry, beautiful office, convenient location and staff was warm and welcoming!

— Deb D.

Dr. Claustro and her staff are incredible. They're kind. They take your entire health profile into consideration. They carefully explain everything. I have health struggles including fibromyalgia which can make just a simple visual exam painful let alone a whole checkup, scraping and cleaning. They remind me I'm the boss once I get in that chair. Being reminded that I'm in a position to make them stop or tell them they're hurting me is unbelievably comforting. All drs. should be this caring.

— M. Wolf


I’ve being seeing the offices of Joanna Claustro for the last two years for dental work and I have never had a single time where I felt my experience was anything less than great. The ladies here really understand the health of your teeth and are extremely knowledgeable. And I’m not talking about just Dr. Claustro, the dental hygienist team, and the office clerks are all highly knowledgeable. The team really makes the visits personable and they make sure that you leave with a healthier, bigger, and brighter smile on your face. Their new office is quite an upgrade and it is very nicely designed with a great “home” style feel to the waiting room. Careful on that couch though after a long day, it’s pretty comfortable. I continue to look forward to my future visits here.

— Cameron Keenan

Dr. Claustro and her team are fabulous! I am terrified of going to the dentist and Dr. Claustro put me immediately at ease. She spent so much time getting to know me and my concerns it was wonderful. I felt as though she really heard me! I have sensitive teeth and often when I tell hygienists that they hardly touch my teeth, leaving me to wonder why I came in the first place. Megan was awesome, did a thorough job while making considerations for the sensitive spots! I am the last person to ever say this but I can’t wait to go back!

— Emily Sadiq